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Your Horse Just Came In.


Velvet Cap is a small batch blend of malt and grain whiskies sourced from some of Ireland’s finest distilleries. After blending, we rest the whiskey in a selection of bourbon, port and stouted rye casks to let the flavours marry.

This whiskey takes its name from the velvet caps traditionally worn in point-to-point horse racing. This popular sport dates from 1752 when riders raced over fence and ditch between two points: St John’s Church Buttevant to St Mary’s Church Doneraile in Co Cork–from one steeple to another, hence the term steeplechase.


In the days before bourbon casks were common in Ireland, whiskey bonders used whatever barrels they had to hand to mature their stock.

In this part of the world, stout and port were favourites, so John Wilcox, Head Distiller, first blended the whiskey before letting the flavours marry in seasoned casks for up to six months.


“Here we’ve always been whiskey drinkers, not whiskey collectors. The idea behind Velvet Cap was to create a whiskey to be savoured, not stashed away on a shelf.”
Peter Mulryan,
Blackwater Distillery

Tasting Notes

ABV 40% | 70cl


Warm colour of royal flax with brilliant clarity.


Candied banana, honey, dark stonefruit & almond.


Full mouthfeel with lingering legs on the glass.


Foundation of malt with vanilla, plum, and agave.


Fruity esters from the tropics brightly cross the palate.

Velvet Cap Stockist

Velvet Cap is the new whiskey by Blackwater Distillery, already renowned for its award-winning gins.

Velvet Cap Whiskey is now available to purchase at:

Waterford Ardkeen Stores
Kilkenny – The Wine centre
Cork – Bradleys
South East Number 21 Group

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